The Æther

A Minor Revolution in Fun!

Some folks enjoying the Æther at HOPE


The Æther (acceptably Aether) is a no-touch, tabletop gaming system. It uses eight ultrasonic distance sensing joysticks, two per player, to allow you to control what happens on the screen. The Æther was created at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Columbia University.


The Æther was created by David Albert, Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock, Spencer Russell, and Dwight Tejano. David Vallancourt is the project advisor


All the code for the Æther is free software. We're working on getting everything online, so bear with us. Currently you can download the firmware code and the schematic for distance sensor, called the AetherSense. The code for the AetherSense is licensed under the GNU GPLv2. We're working on putting up the code for our games.

AetherSense1.0GNU GPLv2


Yeah, we wrote a report. You can read it for all the nitty gritty.

We were at the last HOPE. Thanks for stopping by!